At The Wunders Company, we recognize the need for a wide range of products across categories and ages, specifically developed to promote a child’s good sleep. We created Wunders with the ambition to become the global sleep leader, offering innovative products which enhance the bedtime ritual and comfort sleepers during the night. Because the most important part in your baby’s development is healthy and safe sleep. And when your baby sleeps, so can you! 
A personal message from our founder:  


“I remember the countless times I went up to my daughter’s crib, placing my finger under her nose, to check that she was breathing. I was not alone in this. Concern about a newborn’s breathing is one of the most common fears among new parents. When close family friends lost their child to sudden infant death (SIDS), I made it part of my life’s journey to develop products that promote a safe and good night’s sleep.” 

While my actual design career didn’t start until I left an early career as brand manager at an international FMCG company, I’ve always found inspiration in design, stemming from a continuous sense of curiosity of  how I could make things better – whether it was reimagining experiences or products. In 2005, I left my native Holland to launch a product design and development company, Unlimited Innovation. There I applied my creativity to design, build and manufacture products ranging from wireless charging technology to consumer appliances and electronics.  It wasn’t until my first daughter was born, that I shifted focus to designing products that promote a good and safe sleep environment.  

I am proud of the contributions I have made in both design and development for the following notable products: 

“There is nothing I love more than being a dad. From the time my wife was pregnant, I wanted to be involved in the care, nourishment and upbringing of our baby. Being a parent is both rewarding and hard. As a dad, I’m constantly concerned for my child – if she’s safe, if I’m providing well enough for her,  if I’m giving her enough room to grow and explore. Yet I have loved and continue to love every minute of this journey as a father, seeing my daughter grow and seek nourishment, love and guidance. While continuing to evolve as a parent is no easy feat, the reward for me lies in the opportunity to help my daughter lead a healthy, happy life. Being a parent can be a crazy rollercoaster ride – one with crazy twists and turns that sometimes make me queasy – but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.”  

Hans Pompen 

CEO The Wunders Company