• Provides natural relief for restless and congested babies;
  • Comes with essential oils Breathe Easy and Sleepy Time are 100% USDA-certified organic and safe for babies;
  • Specially formulated for babies by a lab in Napa Valley, California;
  • Breathe Easy essential oil is formulated with Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus from Australia;
  • Sleepy Time essential oil is formulated with Lavender from France;
  • Helps your baby sleep, stay in deep sleep longer, calm anxiety, relieve congestion, and even relieve symptoms of colic;
  • Includes robust mobile arm to securely place diffuser above the crib;
  • Includes two fan-speed setting: Press Once for max air, press again for low air; When on max air, the aroma diffuser produce white noise to block out surrounding noises;
  • Battery-operated (rechargeable battery and USB-charging cable included);
  • Light is 'ON' when aroma diffuser is in operation. Auto shut-off after 30 minutes. Light turns 'RED' when battery needs to be recharged. A full charge will last approximately 10 sessions or more. A full recharge only requires 3 hours. Light blinks during charging;
  • Can also be used by children and adults on a night table, shelf or desk

Aroma diffuser with mobile arm

  • The Wunders Baby Aroma Diffuser provides natural relief for restless, congested or even colicky babies. This diffuser promotes healthy and safe sleep, the most important part in your baby’s development. For essential oils to be effective, it is crucial that the diffuser is as close to the baby as possible. Only then, can the soothing ingredients effectively help your baby breathe better and find its calm. Other commercially available diffusers might make the room smell nice, but these are purely a placebo; the actual soothing effect is none. The Wunders aroma diffuser achieves a safe and direct aromatic airflow to the baby by a patented design, that enables a secure placement of the diffuser inside or outside of the crib.

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