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At The Wunders Company, we recognize the need for a wide range of products, specifically developed to enhance a

child’s good sleep. Therefore, we have created Wunders with the ambition to become the global sleep leader by offering innovative products, which enhance a child's good sleep, its sleep environment and comfort sleepers during the night. Our flagship product, the Wunders Aroma Diffuser helps your loved one breathe easy and sleep better, naturally. Because the most important part in your baby’s development is healthy and safe sleep. And when your baby sleeps, so can you!



Sleeptrainers help young children stay in bed longer to catch the sleep they need to grow, develop and stay healthy. 

aroma diffuser

The Wunders Baby Aroma Diffuser provides natural relief for restless, congested or even colicky babies.


decor light

Lovely 3D silhouettes of homely scene, creating a warm and peaceful mood in your loved ones bedroom.

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